Attorneys and clients often find themselves needing to accurately document and print text messages for court, mediation, or legal proceedings. Each year there are millions more legal cases where text messages are being used as evidence in a trial and also by lawyers during discovery.

Statista statistics predicts that, in 2019 approximately 2.18 billion consumers will be using mobile messaging apps. That’s a lot of messages sent via mobile devices! This includes iOS, Android, and also popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and WeChat. With text messaging and messaging apps now solidified as one of the world’s most popular forms of daily communication, the need to document and preserve text / sms messages for evidence in court has increased dramatically.

短信,  iMessage ,并且MMS短信正在成为法庭案件和其他法律争议中常见的证据形式


  • 消息的日期和时间。
  • 在短信会话中的另一方或多方的真实联系信息。对于短信这是一个电话号码。对于MMS或 iMessages ,这是一个电话号码或电子邮件地址。


Reference: "Text Messages as Court Evidence" - Lauren Gilbert, The Law Office of Natalie Gregg


对于iPhone / iPad / iTouch,我们推荐使用 Decipher TextMessage 保存并打印出您的短信供法院审理。 Decipher TextMessage 已经是 值得信赖和广泛使用 由律师和执法官员制定的方案,用于保存任何信息数据,并保留在法律环境中。功能包括:

Specific Steps

Read and follow these steps to print and save text messages for court.

  1. Plug your iPhone into your Mac or Windows computer using the cable provided.

  2. Launch iTunes, select your device, and click Back Up Now.

  3. Open Decipher TextMessage and choose a contact whose text messages you want to save.

  4. Pick the Export as PDF option from the menu to save the text messages.

  5. Open the document on your computer and choose Print to print out the text messages for court, trial, or your lawyer.



  • 如果您只有几条短信,屏幕截图可以快速简单(并免费!)。
  • 使用截图方法的一个缺点是费时。如果您有很多消息,则需要截取每个单独的屏幕,并手动将图像组织成文本消息副本。
  • 如果您需要在每封邮件中显示时间,则需要在邮件应用程序屏幕上向左滑动以显示每条留言时间。很难做到这一点,并按截图按钮,并切断一些消息文本。
  • 如果您没有iPhone,则无法使用屏幕截图方法。



有几种流行的程序可用于将Android设备上的文本信息保存到您的电脑中有些是免费的,有些可以在Google Play商店中购买。一个流行的应用是 SMS备份+ 。该程序将文本存储在您的Gmail帐户中,并允许您从任何Web浏览器访问它们。

  • 该应用程序是免费的,所以你可以尝试它没有花任何钱。
  • 从任何网页浏览器打印短信息都很方便。
  • 它要求你有一个Gmail帐户。如果你不这样做,你可以简单地注册一个,然后在几分钟内启动并运行应用程序。



  • 首先要尝试的是同时按下“睡眠/唤醒”按钮和“音量减小”按钮。如果你看到你的屏幕“闪光”,那么你已经成功地截图。
  • 对于具有“主页”按钮的Galaxy设备和其他Android手机,请同时按住主页按钮和电源按钮,直到看到屏幕闪烁。
  • 截图后,图像将出现在设备上的照片库应用程序中。只需查找屏幕截图相册并找到您刚捕获的图像即可。然后,您可以发送,保存或共享屏幕截图,具体取决于您最适合的需求。




We see a few questions about documenting text messages for non-smart phones in the comments section. Contact us our support page if you're interested in this, so we can follow up with you! Be sure to mention the specific kind of feature phone from which you want to document sms/mms messages; the techniques and details vary depending on the phone manufacturer/operating system.


Soul Parent

Soul Parent 二月 2, 2019

hi you guys - I cannot believe I screenshot two years of texts before I found this software. ugh. though i can't seem to get the SMS messages to print out with the photos in place like the example in this thread. is there a setting I'm missing? thank you!

Kelly HW

Kelly HW 二月 2, 2019

Hi Soul Parent!

Are the photos showing up within the Decipher TextMessage program itself? It may help to troubleshoot this via email - can you contact us through our web form here? https://deciphertools.com/s...

Lisa Spatafora

Lisa Spatafora 十二月 12, 2018

How can I save group messages from an S9 for court?

Decipher Tools 软件

Decipher Tools Software 十二月 12, 2018

For a Samsung phone you might want to check out the SMS Backup + recommendation that we mention in the blog. Hopefully that might help!

Christina Baker

Christina Baker 六月 6, 2018

I want to download the text messages between my client and a third party as opposed to having screenshots. However, when I try to use this software it is asking me to use my iCloud and I do not want my client's phone added to my iCloud. Is there a different way to go about this?

Decipher Tools 软件

Decipher Tools Software 六月 6, 2018

Hi Christina, Decipher TextMessage never requires that you use iCloud. To use the software you only need to make a local iTunes backup of your iPhone on your computer. If you have any further questions, just contact us via our support page and we'll be happy to help! ;-)

Christina Baker

Christina Baker 六月 6, 2018

I also do not want to connect it to my iTunes. Do I need to do that? It is not my phone.

Decipher Tools 软件

Decipher Tools Software 六月 6, 2018

iTunes is required. You would need to make a one time backup of the device on a computer.

Melissa Miller-Perez

Melissa Miller-Perez 十二月 12, 2017

can select messages from a contact be selected to print, or does the entire message thread have to be printed and exported?

Decipher Tools 软件

Decipher Tools Software 十二月 12, 2017

You can do either. You can export the entire message thread for that contact or if you want to narrow it down, you can choose the "export by date" option which lets narrow down the export of messages to just one day if you prefer. ;-)

Heather Mitchell

Heather Mitchell 十一月 11, 2017

so this is a one time purchase, but i can use it repeatedly? I mean, sure I can grab all the mesages from the past... but how about once a new thread is started? can i also grab those each week/month etc? thanks

Kelly HW

Kelly HW 十一月 11, 2017

Hi Heather,

As you run Decipher TextMessage later and it reads new information for the same iPhone from new backups, it will append those new messages to a running history for the device. I hope that answers your question!

C'est Moi

C'est Moi 十一月 11, 2017

excellent... can the data be modified, such as font size? I have a couple years of texts that I want documented and i'd like to know if i can copy/past the content into word and divide with 3-4 columns to take less paper. Is this possible?

Kelly HW

Kelly HW 十一月 11, 2017

Hi C'est - you can definitely adjust the font size within DTM, or export the conversation and adjust the zoom level in the print settings! For the columns... send us an email: https://deciphertools.com/s... I am actually adding a 2-column option (and we can discuss 3 columns) for the next update and we can send you a version to preview.


Tony 九月 9, 2017

What if I back up my iPhone on my iCloud account. Can Decipher recover texts from an iCloud back-up?

Kelly HW

Kelly HW 九月 9, 2017

We're working on support for reading messages from iCloud backups, but Decipher TextMessage currently doesn't support it. However, you can back up your iPhone in iTunes manually and it won't affect your iCloud backup settings. https://deciphertools.com/s...

Divinus Luciferase

Divinus Luciferase 九月 9, 2017

The device I want to print messages from aren't on the list. How do I add my iPhone 6S Plus?

Decipher Tools 软件

Decipher Tools Software 九月 9, 2017

We replied to your email with help. You would need to back up your iPhone as we recommend in our FAQ. ;-)

b gaylord

b gaylord 七月 7, 2017

Hi, I have a flip phone and need to print out text messages for a possible court case.

Decipher Tools 软件

Decipher Tools Software 七月 7, 2017

Our guide is for smartphones only. ;-)


Tania 七月 7, 2017

What about large Facebook messenger app discussions? Can we save those including pictures and timestamps?

Kelly HW

Kelly HW 七月 7, 2017

I am looking into this Tania! If you want to send us an email so we can followup with you if we have something to test, you can do so here: https://deciphertools.com/s... Or I will try to remember to comment here also. Thanks for the suggestion!

Bradley L. Hamilton

Bradley L. Hamilton 六月 6, 2017

These methods are not court-admissible or otherwise forensically sound.

Decipher Tools 软件

Decipher Tools Software 六月 6, 2017

Hi Bradley, we've had many users of Decipher TextMessage write us after their court appearances expressing gratitude since the messages they exported and printed with the software were admissible for their case. However, it's definitely up to the specific court and states as to what documentation is acceptable or not. Usually someone's lawyer can give them more detailed guidance on that front regarding their state or county. One feature of the software that many users seem to appreciate for court related matters is the Decipher TextMessage preference that displays the contact info on every single text message, sent and received. This is a feature which many lawyers ask their clients for and one that is not offered by the iPhone messages app itself.


briana 五月 5, 2017

hey all so how do I print off my message records? I have walmart mobile and they only show the numbers not the full text messages

Kelly HW

Kelly HW 五月 5, 2017

Hi Briana,

What kind of phone do you have (Android, iPhone, Feature/Flip phone)? Printing the text messages is different for all of the different kind of devices, and I know Walmart has a few different plans including bring your own device. :) Let us know and we'll try to help as best we can.

Summer Beshore

Summer Beshore 四月 4, 2017

Every app I use for this purpose, including SMS backup, only allows you to see texts received...my responses don't show up. I need the whole conversation - Can anyone help?


Ronni 九月 9, 2016

What about non-smart phones?


ultracalicokittycat 十月 10, 2016

right! that's what I'm wondering.....

bobby slay

bobby slay 一月 1, 2017

Get on your horse and go to UPS and send a fax. LMFAO Cmon man....


Libby 七月 7, 2017

you will have to take a photo of the message and then put it on your computer.